Running a restaurant is a challenging task. Many restaurants often fail within a few time frame because of poor planning. Ask any restaurant owner about their purchasing processes and supply chains and they’ll most likely tell you that there could be so much room for improvement.

Unfortunately the food and restaurant industry is still dependent on the archaic methods of ordering, purchasing and accounting. Due to the highly unorganized nature of vendor’s operations, the restaurant is often left with little choice but to comply with the inefficient system.

Well No More.. Idea

The idea for Zeffu came up when we found that there is no software available in the market that can easily take care of such problems. The complex and difficult to use existing software could never practically solve these problems as they do not really understand how the small restaurants operate (for instance a small restaurant can’t be expected to maintain excel sheets and do daily manual entries of their purchases – which the existing software required).

The founders, being from the Hospitality Industry, figured out the need for such a software and how it can truly transform and impact the restaurant industry.

Hence, started the journey for Zeffu.
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Our aim is to bring efficiency in restaurant businesses and help the industry tackle the inefficient conduct of operations.. We are digitizing the mundane back office operations so that restaurant can do what they are really passionate about i.e. making incredible food and delivering amazing dining experiences!