Efficient Management

From requisition filed by kitchen to order approval by an approver to order processing and accounting, Zeffu streamlines the entire process. All the purchasing steps are recorded in real time as and when they occur.


Real Time Reports

Instant access on business expenditure, as well as comparisons against past expenditure, that can enable you to make better business decisions. Our analytics features also lets you monitor the fluctuations of prices in your orders and automatically sends alerts in case of variations.


Standardized Buying

When you have various persons responsible for making procurement decisions, there can be differences in what and how they purchase. With automation via Zeffu it makes it easier for every department to conform to company procurement standards.


Cloud Based Digitization

No installation and easy setup. With authorization of all orders by click of a button, there is greater level of control on the entire purchasing.The suppliers receive instant SMS and email as and when the order gets approved by the approver.


Customizable to You

Zeffu is completely customizable where it connects restaurants with its vendors (to request and receive items) in a single centralized easy to use environment. This ensures that restaurateurs can easily manage and order all of the products their restaurant needs in one place.


More Profit

Say goodbye to costly errors. Zeffu prevents fudging such as over invoicing and duplication of bills thereby reducing cost and increasing profits. Moreover, digitization of orders reduces the manpower required and saves on additional expenses as well.

How it works
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