Digitization – The Future of Restaurant Purchase Management


Running a restaurant is a challenging task. Many restaurants often fail within a few time frame because of poor planning. One of the major difficulties that restaurateurs have to often face is to keep the costs low without compromising on the quality.

The procurement costs of food items ordered can become exceedingly high if not carefully managed. In fact, one of the crucial factors of running a restaurant well is to organize and monitor purchasing.

Now the question is how do we keep track of food costs and inventory? Well the solution is simple...
Digitize your restaurant purchasing.

Try Zeffu – A cloud based easy to use requisition and purchase order management solution that you can access 24/7 with your mobile or computer. (Now you don't need to be dependent on your purchase manager/accountant to keep you updated on the vendor orders and the recurring costs).

Did you know many a times the discounted rates that you have fixed with your vendors are often not delivered? Are you regularly monitoring and tracking each of your vendor’s bills carefully??

Well if you aren’t, Don’t Worry! Our analytics features also lets you monitor the fluctuations of prices in your orders and automatically sends you update in case of variations.

Our easy to use interface would streamline your purchases in the most efficient manner. Contact us for a free demo and witness the change Zeffu brings to your restaurant business!


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