How to control restaurant costs

Controlling restaurant costs


Running a restaurant is a challenging task.  There are a variety of things that a restaurateur needs to supervise.  From managing the back end operations such as inventory and staff schedules to taking care of the customers, everything needs to be handled efficiently.

Check out below the two ways in which a restaurant can control costs

Conduct Inventory Consistently

Taking inventory is always a painful task for most restaurateurs. Since there is a lot of purchasing that happens in a restaurant on a daily basis, often it becomes difficult to track its consumption and use.

Technology can play a big role in easing out the inventory process. Zeffu, a cloud based solution for inventory management, does exactly that where it digitizes the purchasing process and provides complete transparency on all the orders that are coming at the restaurant thereby easing inventory process.

By monitoring inventory regularly, the restaurateur can have a better idea on what’s being used, lost, or perhaps even stolen. Based on these insights, he/she can adjust the menu or change purchasing behaviour and control costs accordingly.

Analyse Daily Reports and Monitor Accounts Closely

It’s extremely important to analyse your restaurant business daily. Reviewing sales data and expenses can enable you to make informed business decisions and can reduce costly errors beforehand.

Also, many a times food suppliers have been known to make mistakes on invoices – charging double the due amount, not reflecting payments made or not delivering food that was ordered. This is another problem which technology can solve efficiently.

Zeffu via digitizing the purchasing process ensures that the items that are received at the restaurant (which may be different than items that are ordered) are only reflected in the vendor’s invoice.  Also whenever, there is a change in item prices charged by the vendor, it automatically sends alerts to the owner to enable them to take corrective action accordingly.

Technology can indeed play a great role in making restaurants more efficient.By using such solutions, it not only reduces the odds of human errors, but also reduces labour costs by automating the entire process. 

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