How to Wow Restaurant Customers

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All successful restaurateurs would agree that word of mouth is the best marketing a restaurant could have. In order to run a restaurant well, it is imperative that you make your customers your brand ambassadors. This can only be achieved when you give your customers something really positive to talk about.

Creating wow moments for customers not only helps in building loyalty but also contributes hugely to your restaurant branding. Here are a few tips for creating wow experiences

Surprise your customer with something new 

Offering loyal customers some freebies such as free desserts or drinks is a great way to create wow moments.  By indulging in such surprises, your restaurant not only earns a loyal customer but also a brand advocate who would do marketing for you – for free.

Be Creative

By offering something novel to customers which they do not get elsewhere can also help create wow experiences. Being creative in restaurant design, signature dishes or even in service standards such as serving bill in an innovative manner at the end of meal can impress guests a lot.

Such practices also create a high recall value in the customer’s mind and help in restaurant branding.

Exceed customers' expectations

In order to create wow experiences, the service quality should always exceed the regular standards. Offering personalized services by remembering loyal customers or engaging with customers on a more personal level (recommending them dishes based on their preferences or making sure they are enjoying their meal in between) can make the difference.

Such superior service standards often translate to word of mouth referrals, social media shout-outs and online reviews which greatly enhances the restaurant’ popularity.

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