Inventory Management Simplified

Inventory management simplified

Taking restaurant inventory and controlling restaurant purchasing is one of the big pain points which most restaurateurs face in their operations.

Since the ordering process in most restaurants is manual where each order processed involves paper requisitions, verbal orders over telephone and handwritten vendor billings, it becomes very difficult for the restaurateur to track each item coming in at the restaurant.

Many a times it happens, when there is a difference in what is ordered to the vendor and what is actually received at the restaurant which makes tracking such orders even more difficult! (For instance when the order given is for 10 kg potatoes and the order received is 15 kg instead or vice versa)

Due to such an unorganized system, using complicated inventory management software also does not help, as they do not solve the problem of aligning vendor in the same process.

As a result in order to manage inventory, most restaurant owners ask their staff to update closing stock of their inventory items at the end of every month. But such a process also doesn’t really work. Since such manual entries of inventory is time consuming and error prone, it ultimately gives a very little room for analysis to the owner.

This is where Zeffu comes to the rescue!

Zeffu digitizes the entire purchasing process and helps restaurants to manage the entire order placing, receiving of orders, billing and inventory through desktop or through an easy to use mobile application.


It’s time to be efficient!

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