3 Common Restaurant Startup Mistakes

Restaurant startup mistakes

Restaurant business is not easy. In the daily hustle & bustle, it’s very easy to lose focus on core restaurant operations.

The key to running a successful restaurant is to plan ahead in detail before setting out to execution. Check out below some common mistakes which most restaurant startups make -

Overlooking the Location & Financial Planning

Location of a restaurant can play a critical role in determining the success of a restaurant. Therefore, apropos to the location advantage, the restaurant should plan the restaurant theme and menu pricing accordingly.

It is important to work out all costs beforehand with modest projections of the income the restaurant plans to achieve, to avoid running out of finances in future.

Not concentrating on the bank-end operations

Most restaurateurs make this mistake where they focus so much on the interiors, ambiance and marketing that they completely ignore the back end operations which results in higher costs and expenses.

Technology can play an important role in automating these back end operations and create transparency and accountability in the system.

Zeffu is a great solution which manages the complete back office operations from restaurant purchasing to vendor management and inventory with incredible ease.

Hiring wrong staff

The identity of any restaurant is established by the hospitality and service of the staff. Many a times, restaurateurs hire workers without the hospitality background and their unprofessional behaviour sometimes negatively affects the restaurant’s branding.

Therefore, it is very important to get the hiring right while running a restaurant as a single negative experience can damage the image of the entire restaurant.


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