Benefits of Automating your Purchase Workflow!


The process of filing requisitions, approving, calling and placing orders to multiple vendors, if done manually, is a long and strenuous process.

It is much easier for interactions to take place in real time using cloud solution - Zeffu, as it saves a lot of time that is usually spent on waiting to hear responses and receive paperwork.

Below is the list of some benefits of automating requisition & purchase processes via Zeffu –

Unparalleled Visibility - The Automated Solution provides unparalleled visibility, as all the purchasing steps are recorded in real time as and when they occur.

Greater Control – With authorization of all orders by click of a button, there is greater level of control on the entire purchasing.

Go Paperless – Admit it, everyone hates collecting and filing receipts. With automation process, you just have to take & upload a photo of the final vendor bill and Zeffu does the rest!

Instant Access to Business Expenditure – The analytics feature provides instant access on business expenditure, as well as comparisons against past expenditure (to help you gain further insights into your spending patterns), that can thereby enable you to make better business decisions.

Standardized Buying - When you have various persons responsible for making procurement decisions, there can be differences in what and how they purchase. With automation, it makes it easier for every department to conform to company procurement standards.

Leveraging New Technology – Unfortunately there are many restaurants that are unable to adopt their complicated purchasing software. With our simple easy to use interface, Zeffu lets you leverage technology and take advantage of the Automated Process.

Efficiency – Well this one is a no brainer. With the amount of time saving automation does, it brings down your costs and adds value to your business.

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