Streamlining Restaurant Purchasing with Digitization!


Ask any restaurant owner about their purchasing and supply chain processes and they’ll most likely tell you that there could be so much room for improvement. These are the inefficiencies which many restaurateurs have been facing for a long time.

As it is extremely important to be in control of the food purchasing costs, one thing that many restaurateurs are often forced to do is to sit down and physically monitor their supply chain closely. The whole process of placing orders and taking delivery of orders (not to mention auditing of these invoices) if done manually can be very tiring and cumbersome.

Why are then many restaurateurs not focusing enough on improving their supply chains? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the whole experience of restaurant purchasing is streamlined? Why are we still following outdated and manual methods of purchasing food items?

Well the simple answer to these questions is due to the highly disorganized nature of vendors. Since the existing vendors are not very tech savvy and organized, it becomes difficult and highly unlikely to expect them to follow our particular standards in terms of invoicing, delivery and standardized pricing.

This again leads to the question - is there a better way considering the existing ecosystem.
Well yes, their is a better way – digitize and organize the system.

Zeffu is a simple customized platform that facilitates transactions between restaurants and it's vendors. The cloud based solution - Zeffu (that can be accessed via Mobile App ) automates the entire B2B operations in this sector – from ordering, receiving, inventory and accounting.

To get started, all that the restaurant has to do is to list out vendors from which it wants to purchase food items along with the purchasing list (one time process) and then start placing orders via the app. Zeffu manages the rest and maintains all records.

Some benefits of using Zeffu-

  • Placing orders and taking delivery of items from vendors gets more organized.
  • Digitization of orders reduces the manpower required and saves on daily costs.
  • Analytics and auditing become easier and accurate.

Digitize your order taking with Zeffu and see the change it brings to your business!!

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