3 Simple Steps to Improve Receiving Controls

Zeffu receiving controls


Restaurants are truly one of the most competitive and difficult businesses to operate and manage. There is always a constant need for restaurateurs to find new ways of cutting costs without sacrificing on quality and service. One of the major pain points which many restaurateurs have to face is managing food costs.

Therefore, to run a restaurant well, it becomes of paramount importance that receiving of raw material from the suppliers is accurately recorded, invoiced and reported as it plays a significant role in controlling food costs.

Below are the three steps which ensure better receiving controls.


Monitor Quantity

This step is perhaps one of the most important. No matter how well a restaurant does anything else if the receiving of food items is not done accurately, the restaurant would not be able to control food costs. For instance, if you ordered 4 kg of broccoli, and only 3.5 kg of it was delivered, no matter how well you run your restaurant operations it would only lead to higher food costs.

Ensure Quality

This step is also equally important as it directly controls the quality of your restaurant. The recording mechanism of any substandard food supplies that have been delivered by the supplier should be clearly defined as it can help fix accountability of the concerned chef who is receiving these low quality food items.  This process would ensure all the food items received are in good condition only. 

Proper Invoicing

The last things to check are that the purchase and invoice amounts are correct and that any damaged or returned goods are properly credited to your account. This step is quite painful as it gets quite difficult to ensure everything is accounted correctly.


Fortunately, the growth of digital advancements and technology have made it extremely easier to practice all the above steps with great comfort. Our easy-breezy Restaurant Purchase Management cloud based soluition– Zeffu lets a restaurateur take control of all the above steps with incredible ease.

Contact us for a free demo today and let us know how much saving you were able to do with Zeffu :)

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