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Each restaurant has its unique system of restaurant operations. Zeffu empowers small & medium restaurateurs with customized solutions that enable them to compete with bigger chains’ ERP.

Zeffu provides customized cloud solution for restaurants and offers complete purchase & inventory management. This includes filing requisition orders, manager approvals, issuing purchasing orders, receiving purchased items, inventory and accounts.

To get started with Zeffu, you just need to register your restaurant, create your purchasing list and map out the vendors from whom you purchase (one time set up process only).

Thereafter, when the order is placed by the restaurant via Zeffu, a SMS and email of order summary goes to the registered vendor. Zeffu pulls together all the data that bombards you daily and provides you clear and actionable reports customizable to your needs.

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Zeffu lets restauranteurs to leverage technology and streamlines and automates the entire purchasing process. The SaaS based nature of Zeffu ensures complete flexibility and customization to meet the needs of each restaurant in its unique way.

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Digitize your entire restaurant purchasing and inventory process. #Paperless #Painless
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