Digitize restaurant purchasing in four simple steps:

Zeffu request order

1. Request Order

To get started, all you need to do is create your purchasing list and map out the vendors from whom you purchase (one time set up process only).

Afterwards the kitchen staff submits the new purchase requirement using a web browser, tablet or mobile.

Zeffu approve order

2. Approve Order

After the submission of request, the app sends an automated requirement summary to the approver. Now, the approver can approve, decline or edit the requirement.

Based on the approver’s decision, Zeffu sends an automated SMS and email (of requirement summary) to the vendor’s registered mobile.

Zeffu receive order

3. Receive Order

When the items reach the restaurant, the store keeper just need to verify the items received from the purchase order. In case of any discrepancy, the store keeper can also edit the items received.

Only the received items get reflected in the vendor's account thereby elimating room of duplication of bills.

Zeffu edit bill

4. Inventory & Finance

The items received automatically get stored in inventory and accounts. Thereafter, Zeffu maintains all the records and order details of each of your purchase.

The analytics features also lets restaurants monitor the fluctuations of prices in the vendor bills and automatically sends update in case of variations. Apart from this, Zeffu also allows users to upload a photo of the actual bill which it stores on its cloud for better monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I link the existing suppliers of my restaurant at Zeffu?

It’s a very simple process. All we require is the supplier details (mobile no./email) and the item lists that are purchased from the supplier. (Our support staff is available 24x7 to walk you through account set up and would be providing complete assistance in linking all the existing suppliers to Zeffu.)

There is no setup required from the supplier’s end.

How do my suppliers interact with Zeffu?

When the request order is approved by the approver, Zeffu automatically sends the order summary to the supplier via SMS and email.

After that, the supplier would have clear information of the order details and can process the order accordingly. (There is also a feature in which supplier can update about the estimated time of delivery to keep the restaurant informed)

What are the advantages of purchasing via Zeffu vs telephone?
  • Zeffu automates order history and tracks expenses.
  • No room for miscommunication.
  • Flexibility to place orders anytime from anywhere via our mobile app.
  • Only pay for what is received. Zeffu prevents duplication and over invoicing of bills

We would write more, but you get it :)

What if my supplier is hesitant to accept orders via SMS/email?

At Zeffu, we have yet to receive a single complaint from a supplier about receiving order details via SMS/email. In fact, many suppliers have become great advocates for our software as it eases their work in preparing invoices.

In the rare occurrence, where your supplier does not accept orders via SMS/email, you can still record their orders for internal use, thereby keeping your reports accurate and up to date.

Is there a way where I can track pending orders from suppliers?

Yes, Zeffu provides detailed analytics of all orders processed and all pending orders where such reports can be accessed instantaneously from the dashboard.

What if I want to change my existing supplier and add new supplier later?

Absolutely, our support team is available 24x7 for these changes. All we require is the new supplier details (mobile no./email) to link to your restaurant. Thereafter, you can start ordering from your new supplier from the word go!

What do I need to do to add additional products to my supplier list?

That’s simple. Just fill out the form of add item list in support section or email us the item detail and we would add the product right away.

Can more than one person place orders for my restaurant?

Absolutely, you can assign as many accounts/users for placing orders (there is no limit). Similarly, you can allocate approving, receiving and finance to more than one person as well.

What happens if my order does not get delivered?

Same thing as happens now. When the items are not delivered in due time, you get in touch with the supplier and figure out the reason for same.

But this time, you have Zeffu which means a clear record of all information tied directly to a specific order. Hence, it leaves out room for any miscommunication. You can rectify the mistake which led to the delay and get back to business.

Can I connect my accounting software to Zeffu?

Yes, we provide complete integration with Tally & QuickBooks.

Does Zeffu process payments?

No. Zeffu is just an intermediary that streamlines communication between restaurants and its suppliers. All the payments have to be done directly to the supplier. (We may look into processing payments in future :))

How safe is my information?

Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Yeah, it’s pretty safe!

It looks great! How do I get started?

That’s awesome! Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will get things started. Well done!! It’s time to be efficient!!

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