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Make Inventory Paperless & Painless

Our cloud based solution does it all for you and makes inventory super easy. Zeffu digitizes the entire purchasing process and helps restaurants to manage issuing and inventory through desktop or through an easy to use mobile application.

Take Control of Inventory

Zeffu enables kitchen staff to digitally place issue requests to the store manager/approver (via web or mobile app). Based on the approver’s decision, it deducts the quantity issued from the store to the kitchen and keeps you updated on the exact inventory real time.

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Increase Profit

As Zeffu allows restaurants to create digital copies of all their vendor bills, this enables our software to provide instant snapshot of the exact value of inventory items in stock. This greatly helps the restauranteurs to plan better and make great business decisions accordingly.

Simple and Efficient

Do away with the complex and difficult to use inventory software, Zeffu makes it super easy to manage inventory and makes restaurant operations more efficient. The easy to use and self-intuitive interface ensures that you can start using Zeffu from the word go.

How it works
Digitize your entire restaurant purchasing and inventory process. #Paperless #Painless
Try Zeffu. Be Efficient.

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