How automating Purchase Orders via Zeffu can help your restaurant business?


It is a common practice among many restaurateurs to make their day to day purchases via verbal commitments over telephone. This is primarily due to the unorganized nature of vendor’s market that generally do not maintain proper computerized inventory and previous order records.

It also becomes very difficult and time consuming to convince all existing vendors to adopt a better management system for ordering and billing. This is where Zeffu comes to the rescue!

After a requisition has been filed and approved by the approver, Zeffu automatically sends a SMS and email  of order details to the registered vendor’s mobile. This ensures that the order details are conveyed accurately before any verbal conversation takes place.

When the order is delivered, all it requires the restaurant is to receive the order (that can easily be done from our mobile and web app) and the items automatically get stored in inventory and accounts. Thereafter, you can easily create digital invoices of vendor bills and Zeffu maintains all the records and order details of each of your purchase.


Benefits of automating purchase orders

1) Having a well-organized purchase order system makes it easy to identify items coming in at any time and greatly simplifies inventory management.

2) Zeffu ensures clear communication. Maintaining all records clarifies the exact details of ordered items between both parties and clear up potential miscommunication.

3) Making repeat orders of purchase items and then matching invoices without documentation is a tedious and time consuming task. With Zeffu automation, you can just relax and let our software do the work for you!

4) After this whole process of automation, our analytics feature at Zeffu runs a comparison with previous orders and sends alerts to the owner/manager whenever there is a price increase on any purchased item. (As we mentioned before, we want you to just relax and let our softare do the work for you :))

Did we just solve all your purchasing problems? Oh Yeah! Try Zeffu and see the change it brings into your business!

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